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Jupiter, serene and tolerant like all the great ones, endured it for a long time but in the end he lost his patience and drove Discordia out of the sky. Angered by this setback, Discordia sought every opportunity to take revenge. When there was the marriage of Thetis (goddess of the sea) and Peleus (simple mortal) goddesses and gods, men and women were invited, but certainly Madame Discordia was not invited. At the height of the party, she threw a golden apple on the table on which it was written: “the most beautiful”. The most beautiful goddesses present at the banquet were three: Juno, Minerva and Venus. Each demanded the apple for themselves and an uproar was born, the peace of the party was disturbed and the joy ended. The three goddesses turned to a shepherd boy, Paris, to decide which of them was the most beautiful and Paris chose Venus. The other two did not give up and a world of trouble ensued.

The expression means “to act stealthily, in secret”. Not everyone knows, perhaps, what the proper meaning of “sneaky” is. It is an adjective that is used exclusively in similar phrases: sneak out; sneak in, etc. and properly it is “flattening”. It is composed with the prefix “so (b)” which is the Latin “sub” (below) and the adjective “flat” which is taken from the medieval Latin “plattus” (‘wide’, ‘open’) therefore “flattened “. The person who sneaks in, therefore, figuratively “flattens”, “squeezes” to reduce the volume and not get noticed.

“When the Roman chief magistrate intended to grant a petitioner a pardon without limitation, he made the rescript under the memorial, which said ‘fiat, fiat’ (be it) rather than simply ‘fiat’, which was written when the grace was less full, afterwards for the sake of brevity they used to demonstrate this fullness of grace with only two ‘ff’, whereby what obtained this grace said: I had the grace a ‘bis ff’ “.

In the past there was the respectful slave greeting (to say: ‘his servant’); then, especially in the Veneto region, the word was shortened to s-cio. It later turned into hello. But the greeting, which was previously obsequious, has instead become the most confidential. Until about a century ago, the word was used only in northern Italy.

The proverb means that we must always be grateful for gifts, even if they are of little value; and this is said because the age of a horse is judged by looking at the state of its teeth, already ‘the state’ and not the number of teeth. That little country boy who went to the market to buy a horse did not know, and since his father had recommended him to take a good look at the animal’s teeth, he was indignant at the merchant saying: “You want to cheat me! Sell ​​me a forty-year-old horse! “. In fact there are many teeth of the adult horse … and the boy had counted them …

a) if the blade of a knife or other similar tool is not well inserted in the handle or if it is detached from it for long use, the tool becomes useless, because the blade loses all resistance by turning (chipping) in the handle. So when a person or thing is uncertain and unreliable it is said to have it in the handle.

b) is an expression of persistence on a submissive; figuratively it’s like hitting someone with a dagger and then twisting the blade from the handle to do more damage.

Sheep are covered in wool, but is it fur or wool that covers the goats? This is a question for its own sake, that is, it doesn’t matter! When someone quibbles, sophistication on trivial matters, they say they waste time on matters of goat wool

According to Greek mythology, Theseus abandoned his wife Ariadne after the famous undertaking of the thread, leaving her alone on the Greek island of Naxos. The popular deformation has transformed leaving in Naxos into the current leaving in axis.

This was the name of the first day of the month in Roman times.