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Kudret Göz, Eye Diseases Specialist from Istanbul. Kiss. Dr. Cem Selvi: “Although everybody agrees on the importance of the ability to see, the number of people who have regular examinations is also very low. However, regular eye examination is very important for our general health as well as the protection of our eye health. We can make the first diagnosis of many diseases that threaten the general health of the person such as diabetes and hypertension during the eye examination and direct them to the appropriate treatment. There is a false belief in the society that eye diseases only pose a risk for people after advanced age. It is true that the incidence of eye diseases such as cataracts, eye pressure (glaucoma), yellow spot (macular degeneration) increases with age. Presbyopia, the problem of nearsightedness by losing the natural flexibility of the eye lens, also occurs over the age of 40 due to age. However, various eye diseases are seen in people of all age groups, regardless of whether they are babies, old, young or middle-aged. For example, we encounter diseases such as cataracts, retinopathy and eye pressure even in babies inherited. Vision disorders such as myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism are among the most common eye diseases in all age groups, including babies and children. Regular eye examination is required to prevent eye pressure and all kinds of eye diseases that progress without causing any complaints and cause unexpected vision loss. “

Kiss. Dr. Cem Selvi: “During the eye examination, it is important that you give accurate and clear information to your doctor about your medical history, the medications you use if you have existing diseases, the diseases in your family members, your lifestyle and habits. Hereditary factors have a great effect on the formation of many diseases. It is important to have information about your genetic risk factors by researching the diseases in your family members, both for the treatment of existing diseases and for your protection from possible diseases. Informing your doctor about your daily life activities, the way you spend your leisure time, and your habits will make it easier for him to make suggestions suitable for you. “

Kudret Göz, Eye Diseases Specialist from Istanbul. Kiss. Dr. Cem Selvi: “Air conditioners and various heaters used in indoor areas such as homes and offices can cause dry eyes by reducing the humidity of the air. You can increase the humidity in the air with methods such as drinkers hanging on the heating pads, wet towels, water containers placed in a suitable corner of the room, and humidifying devices. It may cause complaints such as dry eyes, stinging, burning, redness, itching, tearing, thread-sticky discharge, and difficulty in wearing contact lenses. If you have any complaints, consult a qualified ophthalmologist without negligence. “

Kiss. Dr. Selvi: “When applying make-up, pay attention to some points in order not to invite germs and eye infections. Do not share your materials with others, do not buy products without a product protection band, do not use products that have expired. Various preservatives or active ingredients contained in some products may cause allergic reactions.