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If you are not infected with HIV, you can learn how to protect yourself from HIV in the future.

You can get tested for HIV in many places: in a private doctor’s office, in a local health department, in hospitals, in family planning clinics, and places open specifically for HIV testing. Always try to get tested in a place that offers HIV counseling. You can also test yourself at home using a self-test for HIV. However, if the test is positive, you should see your healthcare provider to confirm the diagnosis and seek the appropriate treatment.

All people who undergo an HIV test must give prior informed consent. The test results are absolutely confidential.

Confidential HIV test: Medical professionals who take care of the HIV test keep the test result confidential in the medical record. Results cannot be shared with anyone else unless there is written permission from the person being tested.

Anonymous HIV Test: The name of the person being tested is not used to link them to the test. Instead, the test is assigned a number or code that allows the person being tested to receive their results. No record is kept that relates the person to the test.

Shared confidentiality is promoted, which refers to the confidentiality that is shared with others, including family members, loved ones, caregivers, and trusted friends. However, care must also be taken when disclosing results, as this could lead to discrimination in the health, professional and social environment. Shared confidentiality is therefore at the discretion of the person who will be tested. Although HIV test results should be kept confidential, other professionals such as counselors and health and social services workers may need to know the person’s HIV status to provide accurate care.

Thanks to new treatments, people living with HIV can now live long and healthy lives. It is very important that you make sure your doctor knows how to treat HIV. A healthcare professional or trained HIV counselor can advise and help you find the right doctor.