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The organizers have made the decision “taking into account the official statement from Teaching.” It was to be held this Wednesday morning in classrooms 3.48, 3.49, 2.13 and 1.21 of the Faculty of Letters, in the Rectorate building.

The MUD festival postpones one of the scheduled concerts. This is the concert of Sachiko Kanenobu, who had to perform at the Café del Teatre in Lleida next sissabte March 14

The Fira de Sant Josep de Mollerussa is studying maintaining the fair after the ban on crowds of more than 1,000 people

Health confirms three positive cases of coronavirus in Lleida. Two elderly people and one in her 40s, a resident of the city, who is in mild condition at home

Health numbers in 124 the cases of coronavirus in Catalonia and in 1,622 the total of the State

Postponed the state Group Skating Show in Lleida and the Queen’s Cup in which Vila-sana participates

Spain bans all flights from Italy between this Wednesday and March 25

It is expected that this Tuesday the result of the autopsy of the 82-year-old woman from Castellserà who died on Sunday will be known. He traveled with the woman who has tested positive for coronavirus

Castellserà has closed the library and the retirement home as a precaution against the case of coronavirus in the town

The woman with coronavirus from Castellserà and her deceased partner went to the emergency room twice in Benidorm

A professor from the UdL, in voluntary quarantine when being in contact with a relative who tested positive for coronavirus

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