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VOX denounces the conditions in which the State Security Forces and Corps find themselves to deal with illegal immigration.

The event took place in Ibiza, where two illegal immigrants were arrested for sexual harassment of a woman at the Hotel La Noria, the place where they had been isolated to quarantine for Covid-19.

The illegals, aged 20 and 26, are of Algerian origin and arrived by boat a few days ago. They were undergoing the mandatory quarantine imposed by the island’s health authorities when, allegedly, they addressed the hotel receptionist making obscene gestures with shouts and insults. The Civil Guard had to go to the place and was forced to detain the immigrants and transfer them to the units of the Unit.

After the massive avalanche of boats in recent days, some hotels in Ibiza have been forced to house and serve illegal immigrants, since many of them are positive for Covid-19 and pose a serious danger to the island’s neighbors. In addition, many others have to be quarantined because they were traveling in the same boat as the positive cases.

This case is not an isolated event. Illegal immigrants in quarantine often escape from their centers. The National Police and the Civil Guard denounce that they cannot cope with this situation that puts the rest of the residents at risk and urge the Sánchez and Iglesias government to find a solution.

Illegal immigration is hitting our shores every day and with greater notoriety. Many communities such as Andalusia, Murcia or the Canary Islands are being victims of the consequences of the good-natured policies of a government that, with its so-called effect, favors the free activity of the mafias that profit from human trafficking.

Our training demands in its 100 measures for Viva Spain the expulsion of all illegal immigrants, but also the expulsion of those who, being legal, have committed serious crimes in our territory. VOX will always be with those neighbors who suffer the consequences of illegal and uncontrolled immigration.

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